“Memorial Elegance: Exploring the Poignant Wahat Al Karama in Abu Dhabi

The attraction point of Wahat Al Karama has earned its name in honor of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in service of the country. The name of the place literally translates to the Oasis of Dignity that fully signifies the respect and grandeur of the valor showcased by the soldiers for the country. This site permanently signifies the tribute to martyrs and is housed as a war memorial for the martyred soldiers of UAE along with the Emiratis who fought for upholding the country’s pride.

Apart from this Wahat Al Karama is significantly also the place wherein HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Ali had foreseen his vision of immortalizing the spot in memories of the heroes, keeping their spirit of valor alive.

The monument is built in a stretch of 46,000 sqm wide area which is located between the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the UAE Armed Force’s General Headquarters. Its architecture is splendidly built using 31 massive aluminum covered tablets leaning on one another. This signifies the solidarity, unity, and support that the heroes projected thereby binding together the public, brought out leadership and servicemen, women who thrived to protect them.

Another site in the same region comprises of the Memorial, the Pavilion of Honour and a Memorial Plaza. One can witness the UAE Armed Forces’ Pledge of Allegiance engraved and emblemed on it. The emblem of Pavilion of Honour consists of a massive roof comprising eight slabs, out of which, seven represent the emirates of UAE and eight signifies the fallen heroes of the nation.

Along with this, the Pavilion also comprises of two passages from the Quran inscribed with first verse on the right corner of the entrance and second adorning the wall above the panel in addition to the name of soldiers placed above the glass structure in the entrance.


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