Wadi Adventure Al Ain: Premier Water Park & Adventure Destination Wadi Adventure established in 2011 is the cultural water park provides a family swimming pool and adventure activities that access guests to experience the thrill and spills of Water Park. The park even includes learning and enhancing skills in all new sports activities. Some of

Hili Archaeological Park: Exploring Ancient Wonders in a Historical Oasis The Hili archaeological site offers an initial known indication of an agricultural village in the country. It even consists of Bronze Age and Iron Age villages with burial grounds and rural roads. The early agricultural town is located in Hili site 8. The biggest collection

Miraj Islamic Center Abu Dhabi – A Spiritual Haven for Community Miraj Islamic center is under the management of a CIE group, a group devoted to tradition, narration, and splendor of Islam. The exceptional and perfect works at Miraj Islamic center are the exclusive creations of this distinctive organization. The weaponry of the Islamic world

A Timeless Oasis of Spiritual Beauty and Architectural Grandeur Jahili mosque is popularly known as Sheikh Zayed mosque. The mosque is one of the world’s most prominent mosques with tremendous structural work of art that purposely merges various Islamic architecture schools. It has 82 domes with more than 1000 columns and the world’s most important

Explore Nature’s Wonders at Arabian Wildlife Park: A Sanctuary of Breathtaking Wildlife Arabian Wildlife Park is identified as the ordinary reserve, and the park surrounds half part of the island and aided in rehabilitation and even the reproduction of animals and birds. The park is surrounded with 1400 hectares of land and is the residence

Explore the construction of Sheikh Zayed Bridge One of Dubai’s most extensive operating projects is Sheikh Zayed Bridge linking Abu Dhabi and Saadiyat Island. It is considered to be most complex bridges, and it functions with striking designs which stir up the dunes in the desert place. The bridge is 842m long and contained three

Qaryat Al Torath: Exploring Heritage and Tradition UAE is a marvelous place, that houses some of the historical rich destinations, which oozes with the aura of Emirate’s tradition and culture. It also makes to be one of the most popular destinations in the entire globe, wherein people throng in huge numbers throughout the year. The

Discover the best music and distinguish about the instruments of Bait Al Oud Bait Al Oud acquires to save the songs and systems connected with oud and also significant instruments contained in the country. It conducts various performances, provides music classes and even certificates acquiring courses by these instruments. Bait Al oud serves as the

Al Jahili Fort – Historic Landmark Al Jahili Fort was constructed in 1890 by the ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed. It is one among the largest forts in UAE. It was actually constructed for the housing in the summer for the ruler and his family. It was used as the home for many rulers

Souq Al Qattara – Cultural Bazaar Souq Al Qattara is one of the exceptional places where the chance for family members to publicize themselves with the Arab cultural world meets exceptional aged fashioned surroundings. The Souq will be accessible to visitors to respect an extensive collection of traditional and heritage activities. The dancers arrive in