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Best Tourist Places & Sightseeing in Dubai

Do you want to find best Dubai city tours? You can rely on VooTours to identify innovative, affordable and entertaining city tour packages in Dubai. We focus on delivering what exactly our customer needs and strive hard to maintain 100% satisfaction.

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If you are planning to opt for sightseeing city tours in Dubai, our trusted travel partners are committed to making your vacation thoroughly enjoyable and exciting. We offer a myriad of city tour packages and the most suitable one can be chosen based on your interests and budget. You can expect 24/7 support through your trip and our knowledgeable and friendly guides provide the best information to make your trip highly enjoyable.

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Sightseeing Tours From Dubai

Six Emirates in a Day Tour

UAE is made of Seven Emirate cities, each of which is distinct and magnificent. VooTours offers the opportunity to view six Emirate cities in a one day tour.

Dubai Burj Khalifa Tour

Dubai's Burj Khalifa, the tallest of all the buildings in the world, stands tall and proud amongst the other skyscrapers of the city. One of the major landmarks
Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel
Not Available

Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel

Discover Dubai from a different perspective and take to the skies with this Ain Dubai Views ticket which allows you to take one 360-degree rotation in a shared,

Explore Dubai City Tour

Explore Dubai City with a guided tour experience. Uncover its wonders and culture with our expert guides.

Escape to Musandam - Oman Musandam Dibba Tour From Dubai

Experience the beauty of Oman's Musandam region with our Dibba Tour from Dubai. Discover pristine nature and stunning landscapes.

Dubai City Tour

VooTour’s 4 hour Dubai city tour would take you to the most prominent places in Dubai. You also get to see two different sides of Dubai, the historical

Abu Dhabi City Tour from Dubai

A visit to Abu Dhabi is a must to get a deep understanding of the culture and heritage of the Arabs, especially UAE. VooTour’s Abu Dhabi city tour