Abu Dhabi city tour: best tourist attractions to see for first-time traveler
Abu Dhabi city tour: best tourist attractions to see for first-time traveler

Abu Dhabi city tour: best tourist attractions to see for first-time traveler

If you love to explore the amazing UAE then you sat planning to visit the places as the eye-catching locations will make you fallen in love with the state.

The first time visitors always have an inquisition about the places they visit for the first time. The Dubai Itself provides numerous attractive sightseeing places which you can travel with your family. If you are planning to visit Dubai, then why do you not visit the glitzier cousin of Dubai? Yes, you heard it right. Abu Dhabi presents a luxury ambiance to you.  The city is the capital of UAE. However, if this visit is your first time in UAE, then you don’t need to worry as the below mentioned sightseeing places could definitely help you to explore the place more.

Sightseeing Yellow Boat

The top sightseeing spots in Abu Dhabi

The city tour

  • The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is located at the entrance of the city. The majestic view of the shrine is the main attraction. The mosque is the amazing blends of the Maluk, Ottoman and Fatimid style. The best thing about the mosque is that it allows the non-Muslim travelers to enter the mosque. The Abu Dhabi city tour starts from this legendary mosque. Do not forget to gaze at the colossal chandeliers and the most massive carpets. The mosque opens from 9 am and closes at 10 pm every Saturday to Thursday. The visiting time of the mosque on Friday is from 4 pm to 10 pm.
  • If you want to witness the Bedouin style and its culture, then come and visit the heritage village. The village is an artificial reconstruction of an Emirati village which showcases the desert lifestyle, campfires, hippie life, falaj irrigation and many more. You may consider taking up the Abu Dhabi city tour by Vootours LLC as they will efficiently assist you to visit the places you want to visit in the city.
  • The Saadiyat Public Beach offers you a beach where you can spend your time surfing the clean blue water. In addition to that, the place will also be your favorite places among all the holiday destination of the place. The reason is the beach cafes, and the local shopping stores will amaze you for sure. The visiting time of the beach is 8 am till sunset.

The IMG World Theme Park

The theme park is created for the ones who like to spend their time y not only relaxing on the beaches or visiting the sightseeing places but also the place will certainly give you an adrenaline rush by the exhilarating joy rides. The rides will escalate your fun times with your families.

Ferrari World

The desert safari tour

The desert is one of the popular places of Abu Dhabi. The place certainly should be on your bucket list.  You need to hire a car to exploit the dune.  The rolling and pitching over the dunes will increase your excitement on our trip.

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Apart from visiting the sightseeing places, you may indulge yourself with the local food which the place offers to their travelers. You may also avail the Burj Khalifa trip, sky adventures and the sea adventures if you are an adventure lover.  In addition to that, the magnificent views of the skyscrapers, luxury accommodations, recreational area, and gigantic shopping malls make the place different from the other cities.


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