Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital
Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital Tour

Abu Dhabi has numerous attractions for its travelers offering incredible experiences. However, the most sought-after attraction is the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital which will leave you amazed. Dedicated to the care and treatment of Falcons; the hospital has a strong resemblance to health centers for humans and is equipped with top facilities. Enjoy a tour of this one-of-a-kind treatment facility and see the birds getting treated with high-class facilities in air-conditioned wards.

Opened in the year 1999 by a German Veterinary, the Falcon hospital is visited by over 11000 birds every year. It has over 200 air-conditioned rooms for its patients. Falcons are the revered birds in UAE and hold the nation’s pride. These are a part of most UAE families, have passports, accompany people to their office and even fly with them in business class.  The citizens have a strong bond with the birds, and hence, the hospital laced with top facilities holds a place of importance.

Take a guided tour of this unique hospital to have a closer look at the beautiful birds getting treated and enjoying high-end facilities. You may find one getting a pedicure or a massage. There are a lot many surprises for you in there. Capture some great clicks and learn about falconry, the sport which is deeply rooted in the culture of the nation. There is a free flight aviary within the hospital premises where you can see the birds taking swift flights. Also, if you wish to get the feel of being in UAE then try perching a bird on your arm. These birds are quite friendly and are happy to see visitors. Have a fun time with them and create some beautiful memories to be cherished lifelong.


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