Qasr Al Muwaiji Abu Dhabi – Heritage Oasis

As known, Abu Dhabi has a wide range of sites that are popular spots and destinations filled with the enriching culture of UAE. Visitors can witness plenty of architectural magnificence which oozes the very tradition of the country. These sites and monuments speak volumes about their history, rendering to seekers a deep insight into the pre-modern and ancient era of the country.

And as there is no dearth of such historic places, the Qasr Al Muwaji is a site that’s splurged with the richness of Emirates. The Qasr Al Muwaji is an architectural marvel located at the Khalifa Bin Zayed St in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi. The place offers a lot of insight and has a long-standing history attached to it.

The Qasr Al Muwaji was once upon a time was home to the Al Nahyan family in whose family was born Sheikh Khalifa in 1948. However, it was soon designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site which was home, an oasis as well as a primary spot for running politics and focusing on religion and community building.

Visitors are now offered the chance to witness the traditional and historical practices which were carried out in this region. One can gain an insight into the venue, oral narrations of the Sheikh’s birth, early childhood, workings, and national achievements.

This property and monument which was recently restored offer the visitors a great insight into the chronology and history of Abu Dhabi’s family in association to Qasr Al Muwaji and the ultimate progression of the Al Nahyan family. It is now transformed into a Museum which remains open for a public visit every day except Mondays from morning 9 am to 7 pm. On Fridays, its operational from 3 pm to 5 pm. Visitors are welcomed to different activities, performances, and celebrations on the visit to the cultural site.


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