Hazza bin Zayed Stadium Abu Dhabi – Sports Excellence

Abu Dhabi comprises many landmark spots offering a picturesque view of its architectural finesse. One of the finest creations is the Hazza bin Zayed Stadium. So, what is this all about this place, that garners the attention of the public from across the world?

So, to begin with, the Hazza bin Zayed Stadium is a stadium that is used for multiple purposes. The stadium is 45,000 sqm divided into seven different levels. Not only is it the most popular sporting venue in UAE, but it is also the tallest buildings in Al Ain.

The Stadium is located at Al Ain City Centre which is open for public during matches and tournaments. The architecture of Al Ain is splendidly marvelous that is built with ultimate dexterity.

A brief history of the stadium

The foundation of the stadium was laid far back in 2012. Later on, it was completed after working on a 16-month ultra-fast construction project. Though the project was conceptualized with the lieu of offering a splendid place for the project that would further include a myriad of other facilities. The project is all set to include commercial buildings, sports complex, and much more exterior landscapes.

At present, the massive stadium covers a whopping area of around 500,000 sqm inclusive of green spaces, office towers, over 700 apartment, restaurants, shopping outlets in addition to the 170-room hotel.

Enlivening the culture of UAE

The entire designing is a piece of marvel, that exemplifies the very heritage and rich culture of UAE. The stadium is just a part of a much bigger ocean of project. While the stadium is operational other segments are in the phase of construction which would soon include commercial, entertainment zones, residential areas as well as luxury suites at the hotel and sports amenities.

With immensity of profound creation, the Hazra bin Zayed Stadium is a piece of ethereal bliss.


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