Mamsha Al Khair Abu Dhabi – Seaside Promenade

The city’s tourism and cultural authority in existence revealed the Mamsha Al Khair comprises of monolith granite and sandstone enduring systems across the city promenade. The country tourism and authority team unlocked the installations on Sunday specifying that they reveal the commitment to promote a culture of giving. The systems will reflect the country’s leadership partial commitment. This has words of late founder, president, vice president and ruler of Dubai also. It even has other quotes on stone panels across the walkway written in Arabic and English. These inscriptions are of the famous people like poets, Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi. The quotes will be focused for each 30 meters across the promenade from East Plaza to junction at Emirates Palace. These inspirational quotes are to create awareness about the significance of social liability and raising strength of volunteerism. The installations goal to advance teamwork and patience says chairman of TCA. HE Sheikh Nahyan exposed the installation of Mamsha Al Khair, the minister of culture and knowledge development. Mamsha Al Khair enduring granite installations will view inscriptions of past people. This place is a stunning corner in the city to have a walk in the sun. The promenade by the water is attractively structured with sheltered benches to wait. These inscriptions promote social responsibility and cultural enclosure. By visiting Mamsha Al Khair, you can acquire memorable experience. The granite installations and sidewalk attract visitors to struggle with their representation and even can capture pictures and videos. There are 76 Arabic, and English quotes enclosed on limestone fields that guide the walkway. You can visit the place at any time to view the inscriptions as it will be accessible to the visitors 24 hours. The attraction is the method of describing support and assurance to our leadership declaration.


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