Women’s Handicraft Center Abu Dhabi
Women's Handicraft Centre

Women’s Handicraft Center Abu Dhabi – Artisan Creations

Women Handicraft center has various exhibitions near the museum and shop, and you can’t overlook to explore them. After viewing the exhibits, you acquire an idea how the handicrafts are made and regarding the histories of the region. You require to purchase a ticket, and the assistance attendant will take you to the best parts of the center. The handicraft center is constructed with many rooms and every room marked outside the door. You can explore various activities at the center like palm weaving, saddu weaving, tailoring, tail work, and much more handicraft works. You must not wear shoes inside the center and should seek permission before capturing photographs. Most of the women will not take a picture and wraps their hair first. The women in the center will be very much responsive and warm, and some are traditional. Some of the ladies will speak only Arabic so communication will be through hand and by facial textures. They seek the help of younger women for communicating. And this is not only the women’s center they will be men also who provides work for tailoring, creating, decorating and tailoring Arabic wear. The stitched dresses are attractive and can be accessed at the major exhibition hall. The shop in the exhibition hall contains small bookshelf with a collection of gifts, saddu weaving of table runners, notebooks and many more. There are most attractive works, and gifts and the prices are very reasonable. There are small palm woven baskets available and even handmade dolls at the tailoring section. The Handicraft center is situated in the Karamah area in Abu Dhabi and is accessible from Monday to Thursday. The timings to access the center are from 7 am to 3 pm. The best time to explore the center is from 9 am to 12 pm when the women are making handicrafts.


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