Aldar HQ Abu Dhabi – Iconic Architecture

Aldar HQ is the iconic industrial building with a height of 121m. This was structured in Qatar by MZ and its partners in 2005. Arup is the superior advisor to the project and the project was done with the principles of the American system of the classification of U.S building council. This is a 23-store building which provides 62,000m space. Aldar HQ acquired numerous awards and identifications. The headquarters is made with an exclusive design with two circular shaped convex. The building is situated in the Al Raha beach which is the innovative city on the outskirts of the capital. This is the foremost part of the venture that accommodates more than 120,000 people. The building is viewable from the highway and provides an amusement location covered by city, sea and a canal. The icon of the building was structured to glow in the center of real estate enhancement. The headquarters was on the ascend and forms an orientation point for the place of the city. The building was structured by the best architects and has an inventive and typical design. This is entirely spherical in altitude and arched in all directions. Aldar HQ is the foremost circular building which is situated in UAE. The building functions with various kinds of elevators like 12 passenger elevators, 2 service elevators, 3 monospace, one circular hydraulic lift, and 2 dumbwaiters. This is the best landmark that everyone should explore and the most curious piece of architecture on the side of the highway. This is specified as the most iconic outlook in the country. Here you can face security choices and it looks great while during the sunset. Aldar HQ is a really stunning and structural masterpiece with the best views and the attraction offers free parking.


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