Zayed Center Abu Dhabi – Cultural Legacy

In Zayed Center, the expert regarding Herbal research conveys that their work is to protect the information of medicinal plants in the UAE. The position of the center is to learn the plants and herbs frequently utilized in regenerative medicine. Sheikh Zayed, the creator of the center, established the center in 1996. The center houses with a library containing some books related to traditional medicine. There is even an enlightening living garden of medicinal plants that are contaminated. As the museum and garden are not opened, students and researchers can visit the center by booking an appointment. Sometimes the center is named as Sheikh Zayed Heritage center. The center has a small place with various kind of exhibitions held in multiple rooms. Next, to the rooms there is the largest room where Sheikh Zayed memorabilia is addressed. Zayed center even has the world’s most considerable stamp mixture which leads to the bright and inspiring description of the leader. After that, the small room is regarding UAE police force. The style and outlook of the exhibition have a fragment of an old-fashioned feel, but there is some attractive information here. The center has a small mosque of Sheikh Zayed. You can access the center from Monday to Thursday from 7.30 am to 2.30 pm. If you are planning for the cultural outing with your family, this is the best custom center to access. At the center, it is easy and comfortable to park inside. The visit to the museum is free, and you can try for a cup of Arabic coffee after you complete the tour. The enclosure is partitioned into two traditional buildings, and the main building has two old cars in the border of the main entrance. Kids will enjoy at the place as the police room various uniforms used by men and ladies worked at the departments.


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