Souq Al Qattara – Cultural Bazaar

Souq Al Qattara is one of the exceptional places where the chance for family members to publicize themselves with the Arab cultural world meets exceptional aged fashioned surroundings. The Souq will be accessible to visitors to respect an extensive collection of traditional and heritage activities.

The dancers arrive in Soul Al Qattara to perform, and this is even a fantastic shopping ground, and it is the residence to 18 shops that provide cultural Arabic coffee, dates, honey and many more. You can also buy women and men clothing, utensils, and various equipment. Another division of Soul Al Qattara is the arts center. This amenity displays a refined look outside and modern amenities inside. Here visitors can seek their hand at painting and drawing and many more activities.

Another advantage at Soul Al Qattara in supplementary is to increase the local wealth and assisting the visitors of all ages to enlarge their horizons. Emirates are renowned for being a wipe hand at cultural crafts and many more. Soul Al Qattara and beside Friday market both goals to advance the local artisans work and offer financial and moral support to families.

Focus the regular seminars and lectures conducted in the country heritage and archaeological sites. Photographic exhibitions are also frequent, and the arts center supports the artist’s collaboration. Evening shows are best to view here among other cultural activities as devoted teams perform the cultural Arabic dances.

The main feature at the place is guests and visitors are invited with kindness. Souq Al Qattara is open daily from 8 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 10 pm. A visitor can perform cultural rope making among other events and view presentations on other crafts with traditional pottery and weaving. The festival was installed at the market for traditional handicrafts.


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