Al Jahili Fort – Historic Landmark

Al Jahili Fort was constructed in 1890 by the ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed. It is one among the largest forts in UAE. It was actually constructed for the housing in the summer for the ruler and his family. It was used as the home for many rulers and even by the British forces in 1950. In 2006 and 2008 the fort was reconstructed and in 2010 the fort achieved International Architecture Award. The fort seems to be the best visit for the people needs to get involved in the past history and traditions of UAE. The tower will let you know even the way of living by revealing the history. Make your visit to Abu Dhabi for experiencing the wonderful sights. The famous attraction in the fort is the exhibit of the pictures given by British traveler. It was recorded by the numerous historical figures and is situated at the southern part of the city. It is even one of the biggest castles in the city and is the division of the largest complex of public activities. This fort resembles with a square shape with the height of 8 meters and with length 35 feet. On the top, there are triangularly shaped balconies with three circle shaped watchtowers and rectangular watchtowers also. It is the historical architecture covered by landscaped gardens recovered from previous voyages. You can explore along the landmark and can experience the exhibits of British explorer. The military usage of the tower sustained till 1970 and renovation works were done for the fort. The British explorer who performed exhibits was the friend of Sheikh Zayed and had visited the fort numerous times. The restoration even developed the building best climate with cold water pipes that will be capable of sustaining inside temperature of 22 degrees also in summer months.


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