Explore Nature’s Wonders at Arabian Wildlife Park: A Sanctuary of Breathtaking Wildlife

Arabian Wildlife Park is identified as the ordinary reserve, and the park surrounds half part of the island and aided in rehabilitation and even the reproduction of animals and birds. The park is surrounded with 1400 hectares of land and is the residence for the members from the animal kingdom. If you visit the park, you can acquire the best experience for wildlife fans and nature favorites who need to discover flora and fauna of the place. This is the zoos which display all the animals physically which are stirring in the Arabian Peninsula. The park was established in 1999 with the best amenity provides residence to 100 species viewed in natural surroundings. It elaborates the diversity of fauna located in peninsula and forms awareness of the species. The trip makes you explore reptile, fish and insect house. The bird aviary set has numerous species of birds and the tailless brown species which are like the size of a rabbit consist only three toes on every foot. When you wander through the cave in the park there is a tank which consists of blind cave fish. These are natural with eyes because of their dark natural environment they do not enhance and terminate like an adult fish. At the side of the aviary, there are smaller cats identified by its tufts which are the end of its ears. The Wildcats look same like local cats. There is a nocturnal house where night has been transformed into day and you can explore different kind of mammals with species of fox. 


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