A Timeless Oasis of Spiritual Beauty and Architectural Grandeur

Jahili mosque is popularly known as Sheikh Zayed mosque. The mosque is one of the world’s most prominent mosques with tremendous structural work of art that purposely merges various Islamic architecture schools. It has 82 domes with more than 1000 columns and the world’s most important hand tight carpet. The world’s leading chandeliers conquer the major prayer hall. The late Sheikh Zayed constructed this mosque to express historical significance and to symbolize the Islamic message of peace. He thought that this mosque would be an actual reference of modern Islamic structure that combines the past with the present and forms a place of Islamic science and education that would reproduce authentic Islamic values. Possibly the most identified element in the mosque is the group of 82 domes and the biggest which resides in the middle of the prayer hall. The domes made with white marble shell designed with gold glass variety. The mosque minarets merge different styles in a manner that blends various Islamic structural styles into one appearance of art and beauty. The usage of natural multi-colored marble forms creative narrative outcomes with designed crowned columns. This unusual technique is original to Islamic structure. The colors of the walls in the mosque, columns and the carpet harmonized in a way that changes the mosque into a creative work of art. Another significant feature is the original glass work. Jahili mosque consists of four minarets each having 106 meters height, and every minaret is comprised of three various geometric shapes. The construction of the mosque took with eight months of designing and took 12 months for looping. T functions with seven chandeliers and the biggest are 10 meters long with a height of 15 meters tall and weight of 12 tones. Even there are two smaller versions of the similar design located in the main prayer room.


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