Discover the Beauty of Desert Lands of UAE with VooTours
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Discover the Beauty of Desert Lands of UAE with VooTours

The majestic allure of the United Arab Emirates has made it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations of the world. The desert lands of Dubai and Abu Dhabi has now made a prominent place in the travel wish list of any globetrotter. However, planning a trip to these amazing cities is easier said than done which makes many travelers keep their plans on hold. But not anymore, as we, at VooTours are here to ensure that the trip to UAE turns out to be a hassle-free and memorable one for you. From local sightseeing, adventure activities, to getting the authentic flavor of the city, we ensure that the trip turns out to be one that you will want to have again and again.

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The plethora of services on offer

We are with our client right from the planning to the end of the trip. No matters you are traveling for pleasure or business leave it up to us to make all the arrangements ready for the trip. Want to organize a business meeting or conference for the important delegates of your company? Leave it to VooTours to arrange the perfect venue for you based on your budget and number of guests. Our main attraction lies in the sites we let you select which range from traditional hotels to places of nature’s grandeur like mountains, deserts, and islands. Want to impress your delegates by taking them on a trip around the city? Just ask us, and we would present the guests with a tour that they will remember forever.

Camel Trekking from Abu Dhabi

A desert safari is something common on the bucket list of every traveler to UAE. Go for our overnight safaris to catch a glimpse of the unmatched beauty of the deserts under a sky full of stars or enjoy the welcoming warmth of an early morning safari. Our sightseeing tours can be customized according to your time and preferences. You can pick out a half-day or full-day trip based on the time in your hand.  You can also take your pick from a city tour or just the visit to the exciting shopping destinations of the cities. Get a bird’s eye view of the cities from a Seaplane or take a shot at watersports like Kayaking and Jet Skiing. VooTours ensures that your trip to the desert country is wholesome and satisfying.

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Being the best of the rest

Our clients rely on us for the hospitality and the punctuality we provide. We understand that travelers come with different budgets and accordingly, our trips are set in such a way that it caters to all pockets. The safety of the clients comes first to us, and we take all the precautions to ensure that the trip goes smooth and glitch-free. Our tours are always well balanced, and so, it will not be something where you keep sitting all day or tire yourself out by traveling for the whole day. Trust us once with your desert trip, and we are sure you will select us every time you come to UAE.

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