Abu Dhabi is one of the most popular tourist places in UAE. Its beatific location and amenities enlist it among the top vacation sites for the public. Abu Dhabi is known for its archaeological importance in addition to being the second most populous city of the United Arab Emirates. The city lies on a T-shaped island sandwiched between the Persian Gulf in the central western coast.

It has grown on to become an important center from the political, industrial, cultural and commercial point of view. Apart from all the exotic locations and sites the city comprise, the Al Ain’s Camel Market is a popular location, that garners millions of crowd from across the country.

So what is special about this place? Well, if you ever wish to gain a sneak peek into the culture of Arab, the Al Ain’s Camel Market is the perfect stop. The marker oozes the exotic culture of Arab, that is immersed in its very air. As the name suggests, the place comprises of Arabian camels, from young ones to those who would grow up into eminent racing camels. Camels hold an important place in the heart of Emirate’s heritage. And this location showcases the same.

The market is 15km away from the downtown of Al Ain that is easy to commute. The place is a stark difference in comparison to the plush city. One can witness trading activities carried out throughout the day, along with getting a glimpse of the shepherd of desert meandering along.

So, come here to gain the ultimate enjoyment of viewing camels, taking part in mock races as well as to click plenty of pictures with the exotic animal. And do not forget to watch the locals arriving in the resplendent pickup laden accompanied by their goats and sheep all set for some bargain.


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