Hili Archaeological Park Abu Dhabi
Hili archaeological park

Hili Archaeological Park: Exploring Ancient Wonders in a Historical Oasis

The Hili archaeological site offers an initial known indication of an agricultural village in the country. It even consists of Bronze Age and Iron Age villages with burial grounds and rural roads. The early agricultural town is located in Hili site 8. The biggest collection in the country of tombs and buildings from this time is situated at Hili. Numerous Bronze Age structures are located within the archaeological park and are accessible to the public. One of the most spectacular buildings is the Grand tomb at Hili and built 4000 years ago, and the structure is 12 meters in diameter and raised at the height of 4 meters. The Hili site was re-established in 1970, and the building was left unroofed. Beside the grand tomb, a tower constructed with mud brick that has stood with several meters high. A Foundation of a thick circular boundary which consists of several rooms is present in the site and a well in the middle of the building. Remains of the same type of buildings explored in areas of Hili. Remains of the tombs situated inside the park. Other monuments of various layouts located in the Hili site. UNESCO also dominated Hili importance as its features because it is one of the past examples of the complex irrigation system which travels back to the Iron Age. The site offers significant indication to the conversion of various cultures in the region from hunting and grouping. A trip to the Hili archaeological site will provide you astonished and filled with numerous sights into the enhancements of this region and will surely value your time. The Hili site is the initial archaeological example of oasis conclusion and agriculture in southeast Arabia. Ultimately the desert landscape will be refurbished into its local habitat.


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