Miraj Islamic Center Abu Dhabi – A Spiritual Haven for Community

Miraj Islamic center is under the management of a CIE group, a group devoted to tradition, narration, and splendor of Islam. The exceptional and perfect works at Miraj Islamic center are the exclusive creations of this distinctive organization. The weaponry of the Islamic world was a product of exhaustive labor techniques including high skills. The method of smelting utilized in the building of sword blades and metallic sheaths. The center is one of the most beautiful places in the country to explore the Islamic center. The center is a museum, exhibition, a display area and a showcase for original art forms of previous 500 years. They merge the art forms with cutting-edge structures and a technique to form the objects as today’s lifestyle. The center showcases the arts and ancient Islamic artifacts from various countries. Here visitors can explore and learn about a broad range of attractive pieces from earliest Islamic culture. The center even has a rooftop café where visitors can experience Arabic coffees and dates. The entry into the center is free. Miraj Islamic center is accessible from 9.30 am to 7 pm. Plan your trip to Miraj Islamic center to experience the magical views of artworks. The art center has a nice collection of Arabic art. The coffee at the rooftop café will be delicious, here Islamic art described in a suitable format and is the best place for Islamic culture. The Islamic art center is an excellent place to enjoy the Arabic culture objects and even the excellent place for art lovers. The art center is the best place for purchasing all handmade products that are accessible from all over the world. Miraj Islamic center is not only the museum but also to buy art and a place for cultural engagement where friends and family can gather and enjoy.


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