Al Bahar Towers Abu Dhabi – A Vision of Innovation and Beauty

Al Bahar Towers is the 25-floor office towers that hold the capacity of 1000 and 1100 people. The structural concept of the towers is like ecological and educational and reaches the 2030 enhancement plan goals. Environment and traditions are the constant sources and the towers determine these two sources in the newly detected system. The towers have 2000 umbrella like glass components that open and terminate based on the intensity of sunlight. While constructing the towers they took motivation to form an established Islamic logo. This forms a wonderful landmark that impacts the region structural tradition. In the tower, every triangle is made with fiberglass designed to react for the movement of the sun. The geometric themes of the towers which consist of a huge screen have 1000 elements which enlarge and compress the whole day. The design of the towers is made with modern standards to acquire the levels of efficiency. The actual shape of the towers resembles the balance of shaping method. In the towers, there are interior gardens which are used to improve the effects of sun coverage. The podium consists of a broad range of amenities like prayer rooms, restaurants, and auditoriums. In the towers, there are two underground parking places providing parking for 80 vehicles. In the towers on the top floor on the height of 120 meters, an observation deck is accessible to the public. The city is the place of the big amount of innovatively constructed buildings. It provides the best external views and components that open and close. The building even has the concept of solar thermal panels used for water heating. The design of the building seems to a reply to other constructions, and it is selected as the Innovation Award Winner and the largest tall building in the country.


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