Tandem Paragliding Dubai

Simply defined, paragliding is flying from a slope or a cliff wearing a wide, light-weight, foot-launched glider. If you’re looking for an unforgettable activity, Tandem Paragliding Dubai is a great choice you will never forget the feeling of being a bird in the sky, flying with no other engine but the wind.

Paragliding basic tandem flying is a heavenly adrenaline rush. No experience is necessary, your pilot will do all the hard work, you just need to run on take off then sit back and relax and enjoy the view, and don’t forget to smile for the camera. A paraglider is a free-flying, foot launched aircraft.

A tandem paraglider is specifically designed to carry two people. The passenger is strapped into a harness in front of the experienced pilot. Don’t confuse paragliding with skydiving, you will not be jumping out of an airplane.

What must I wear?

Rubber shoes, recommending long sleeve shirt and pants Sunblock. Sunglasses can be worn in-flight.

Is tandem paragliding dangerous?

Paragliding is an extreme sport, but you are in good hands with our pilots. All tandem pilots are highly experienced certified with insurance.

Our pilots will only fly in weather that is safe. If other pilots are flying but the pilot does not feel it is safe to fly, he will not let his pilots fly, we would rather schedule you for another day. Safety is key.

Safety precautions include helmets, harnesses with back protection, reserve parachutes, and careful pre-flight checks and pre-launch observation. You will be briefed before your flight, listen to your pilot, when you are told to run you must RUN, do not sit down.


Al Wathba hill, Abu Dhabi


Al Faya Mountain


Fossil Rocks


Tandem Paragliding
Tandem Paragliding
Tandem Paragliding
Tandem Paragliding
Tandem Paragliding

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