Sharjah has plenty of places for residents and tourists to enjoy with friends and family. The Pearls Kingdom at the Al Montazah Park is a testament to the hard work put in by the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority to build family-friendly infrastructure in the emirate.

The UAE government aims to provide entertainment outlets for its residents through public investment and by encouraging private investors. While it may not be as large as some of the popular attractions such as Yas Water World, IMG Worlds of Adventure, or Bollywood Park in the neighboring emirates, Sharjah’s Al Montazah theme park is equally alluring and has several exciting attractions.


Al Montazah Park in the cultural capital of the UAE is a much-visited entertainment center for residents of Sharjah. The park has two main sections, the Pearls Kingdom, which is a water park, and the Island of Legends, which is an amusement park.

This blog is a complete guide for those planning a visit to the Pearl Kingdoms Water Park at the Al Montazah Parks.


Pearls Kingdom Water Park is a relatively new addition to Al Montazah Park. It has exhilarating water slides, tube rides, speed slides, and an aptly named lazy river. Moreover, its pools and splash zones are enjoyed thoroughly by visitors of all ages. You can choose from the following slides and rides as per your preferences.


Navigate through the covered slides and splash into the crystal clear pool at this popular ride in the Pearls Kingdom. Forgotten Valley is all about finding your way through the land of lost treasures. It is one of the most enthralling rides in Pearls Kingdom Sharjah.

Pool depth: 130-170 cm

Height restriction (w/o supervision): 141+ cm


This is one of the popular kid’s rides at the Pearls Kingdom Water Park. Rough waters and daunting mountains await little ones in this thrilling ride. Kids can slide down the crystal clear water and bring back stolen pearls from the pirates’ hidden treasure. All safety measures are in place so parents, you have nothing to worry about.

Pool depth: 55 cm

Height restriction (w/o supervision): 120 cm to 140 cm


Climb to the top of the gigantic castle and slide your way to the pool. This pulsating journey is not for the faint-hearted.

Weight restriction: 135 kg max

Height restriction (w/o supervision): 121+ cm


You can enjoy your own Flying Carpet at the Pearls Kingdom. Hop on for an adrenaline-charged slide and beat the heat in the UAE this summer at this famous water park in Sharjah.

Pool depth: 90 cm

Height restriction (w/o supervision): 110 cm to 150 cm


The glorious Fort will attract your attention from afar. Ride through this colossal structure and make a big splash in the blue water.

Weight restriction: 135 kg

Height restriction (w/o supervision): 121+ cm


Whenever you visit Al Montazah Park, this exciting ride is a must. Standing tall beside the bay, this structure gives you the perfect view of the whole park. Simply put, this could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most, so go in with child-like enthusiasm.

Pool depth: 90 cm

Height restriction (w/o supervision): 110 cm to 150 cm


Is solving mysteries your thing? This one should be your first adventure at the Pearls Kingdom. The Sea of Treasures is an exotic dreamland. Swim through the waves, explore this man-made wonder and look for lost treasures.

Pool depth: 30 cm

Height restriction (w/o supervision): 81 cm to 120 cm


Lush green scenery and bright blue waters make for a tranquil atmosphere. You can stay here for a while after you are done with the other rides just to relax in the sun.

Pearls Kingdom Waterpark Tickets - Al Montazah Park Sharjah

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