The Etihad Towers Abu Dhabi – Luxury Landmark

The Etihad Towers is one of the finest creations that has marveled with the world with its exemplary state of art architecture. It is a milieu of complex buildings comprising of five towers in the capital city Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The construction reflects the craftsmanship which is perfectly blended with contemporary designs and stays true to the legacy of the place. The manner in which the five towers are built reflects the deep-rooted idea and engineering marvel of the people in UAE. All for its perfect finishing, design and enticing dexterity, it garners million crowds from across the world to gauge on its beauty.


The Etihad Towers which is a complex yet prolific architecture of five towers are located opposite to the Emirates Palace hotel which is yet another wonderful attraction in the city. Amongst the five towers, the tower 2 and tower 1 are the tallest housing 74 floors and 69 floors respectively.

The five magnificent towers are open for public visit. It welcomes tourists and residents to come and visit the place, live, work, dine and shop exploring the varied dimensions of the destination. Stand up top at the Emirates tower and sink the beatific panorama of the Arabian Gulf city rendering prolific views.

Etihad Towers Hotel

The USP of the destination point is the three residential towers and the extensive 280 meters tall five-star Jumeirah housed at the Etihad Towers hotel. It lays the benchmark for experiencing luxury in an all-new manner with the exotic designing and architecture the towers pride for.

Observation Deck

Considering its immense height, visitors are garnered the chance to witness the entire city standing tall at the 74th-floor observation deck at tower 2. Furthermore, the Avenue at the towers houses one of the most expensive boutiques, private suites, and VIP shopping amenities.


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