Explore the construction of Sheikh Zayed Bridge

One of Dubai’s most extensive operating projects is Sheikh Zayed Bridge linking Abu Dhabi and Saadiyat Island. It is considered to be most complex bridges, and it functions with striking designs which stir up the dunes in the desert place. The bridge is 842m long and contained three big arches folded by four piers and two extra sets of supports on the Island side. The significant span is 140m wide. The arches are built with steel and are connected to blocks of concrete toughened with steel cables. British architect Zaha Hadid designs the bridge, and the construction were commenced in 2003 and took seven years to complete. The 68 m wide roadway formed as the third traffic route from the significant land to Abu Dhabi and was structured to hold 16000 vehicles and it even carries emergency lanes in every direction and a walker footway. In addition to its attractive structure, the bridge is highlighted due to its lighting. More than 200 automatic lights were fixed to interlace thirteen artistic scenarios. The Sheikh Zayed bridge officially inaugurated in 2010. It took more than $300 million to construct the bridge. The eight-lane bridge functions as the gateway to the city and is a composite element, and the Sheikh Zayed bridge is measured as towering national attainment and has become the significant landmark. The steel arches of the bridge are linked to concrete piers to transform their loads to the foundation. The construction of the bridge took more years to complete by 2300 people. The equipment required for construction 22 cranes, 11 marine barges and the structure of the bridge must resist high wind speeds, extensive temperature, and probable earthquakes. The deck is accessed by 1600 cars per hour and has the structured lifetime of 120 years.


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