Desert Safaris & City Tour in Abu Dhabi

Vootours Overnight Safari
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Liwa Overnight Safari from Abu Dhabi

The drive through the Oasis of Liwa will take approx. four hours. Enjoy the magnificent golden dunes of the Rub Al Khali, the largest desert of the
Abu Dhabi Desert Safari | VooTours Tourism
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Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Revel in the exhilarating experience of touring one of the most exotic deserts of the world in Abu Dhabi. Take part in the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Overnight Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

Enjoy a memorable desert sleepover and plenty of fun activities on this family-friendly overnight experience from Abu Dhabi. Head to a family-oriented Bedouin-style camp and enjoy your

Liwa Desert Safari From Abu Dhabi

Hugging the edge of the Rub Al Khali (Empty Quarter) desert, this 150 km stretch of villages and farms makes up the famous Liwa Oasis. It’s a

Quad Bike Tour in Abu Dhabi

Meet your Safari Marshal and get in to comfortable 4X4 Land cruiser for transfer at any major hotels or Malls of Abu Dhabi. Then, head out towards Al

Camel Trekking in Abu Dhabi

When you think of desert excursions, what comes to your mind? Probably the first thing that popped into your mind was camel trekking. Well, on your vacation

Sunrise Desert Safari from Abu Dhabi

It’s good to wake up early and be out and about to witness the sunrise in the middle of the desert as our expert Marshal drives you

Abu Dhabi Morning Desert Safari

Enjoy three exciting desert activities on a 4-hour morning safari from Abu Dhabi that's timed to beat the desert's fierce heat. Head through the desert to a