Abu Dhabi National Library – Knowledge Hub in UAE

Are you curious to learn about United Arab Emirates and the Arab world? Well, then what can be a better place than a library, which is the storehouse of information. The Abu Dhabi National Library is one of the largest libraries in UAE that houses a splendid collection of manuscripts, books, documents and much more. The library since its year of inception in 1981, has been committed in the art of collecting, preserving and publicizing books in addition to instilling reading, writing and research work in UAE. In addition, one can find plenty of digital resources with the view of seeding in the culture of reading and writing amongst the citizens.

The overall collection in the library comprises over 2 million manuscripts, periodicals, digital documents, books in addition to over 3,00,000 titles in Arab and over 1,00,000 in other major languages. There is an exorbitant collection of Arab and Islamic scripts to get a sneak peek into their very science, art, and religion.

Visitors can view the collections with an overall 14 hours of readership during the day and on weekends. It also houses a catalogue that consists of research material focusing on UAE, gulf and the Arab world.

Initiatives and Programs

The National Library periodically hosts prominent fairs and festivals including the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, Al Ain Book Fair and the Sheikh Zayed Book Award for generating interest among the UAE population the art of reading and writing.

One can find the original and translated works in Arab. Translation is carried out through the programmes of Kalima and Esdarat. It also operates community library and bookmobiles in Abu Dhabi.

So, visit the most exotic libraries and build in your knowledge.


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